Curvy World Studio

The Curvy World studio creates ceramic objects and poetic furniture pieces in organic materials that are primarily sourced in France and Europe. Based in the Paris region, each piece is handmade, unique, in limited editions and made to order.

Curvy World studio, created by Sarah Montet in 2020 has an overall approach that is rooted in its surroundings, the habitat and the body and considers the environment and its actors as the starting point for each project. Curvy World is interested in ancestral and contemporary savoir-faire, and uses this to play around with a view to exploring the possibilities offered from atelier based research as a creative medium. The studio invites us to reconsider our needs, our activities and what brings us joy through the choices that surround us or of which we dream. Sarah Montet designs and handmakes, one of pieces, limited editions, or per request objects and furniture. These challenge us as much by their form, and their material as by their use.

Sarah Montet is based in the Paris region, but hails from the south of France (Hérault). She studied architecture before joining the prestigious Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2016. Sarah was the first assistant of the artist Hélène Delprat, before working with both Pierre Clément and Éva Jospin. She recently received her end of studies diploma which has enabled her to develop her research in sculpture and micro-architecture.

Sarah currently works as an independent designer.