Made to order Creation

Curvy World Studio créé des pièces qui sont toutes fabriquées à la main en bio-béton de chanvre et en céramique. Par ces techniques artisanales de fabrication, Sarah Montet donne vie à son univers créatif, une vision fantasmagorique où les formes oniriques dessinent les contours d'un nouvel environnement.

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Each creation begins with a vision, an idea born from the artist’s creative mind. Its primary material is then carefully selected for its durability, strength and natural beauty as well as sourced from a bank of trusted environmentally-friendly French suppliers.

Biomaterials such as: hemp, wood, lime, recycled marble powder and linen have become her materials of choice due to their low carbon footprint and their capacity to blend harmoniously with every-day life.

The hand-crafted process is meticulous and a real labour of love. Every Curvy World Studio piece of furniture is hand-sculpted by Sarah with artistic precision; each detail shaped to create an imperfect perfection.

The artist and designer works extremely closely with her clients to determine their exact requirements, needs and wishes in order to create unique pieces of furniture, which are entirely tailor-made and designed to fit perfectly with their personal living space.

As each piece begins to take shape, it becomes much more than simple furniture. It’s a creation designed to blend in with every day life, an artistic statement which tells its own unique story. The organic shapes, the repeated hand patterns, the slight imperfections and the multifaceted textures of the French biomaterials all combine harmoniously to bring those unique creations to life and epitomise authenticity and artistic energy.

The creation of hand sculpted, artisan house furniture is a celebration of art, space and durability. Each sculpture is dedicated to the world of the living, the world of dreams and the practical world of homes. They represent the perfect balance between art and practicality, allowing each piece of furniture to go beyond its own simple functionality and become an everyday piece of art.

By choosing to have a tailor-made, hand-sculpted piece of biomaterial furniture created by Curvy World Studio, you will gain much more than a simple piece of furniture. You will invest in an exceptional sculpture which will enrich your living space and help preserve the environment for future generations.

It will represent a way to express your commitment to beauty and durability.